In The Midst Of Progression...

I am extremely lucky to have a fairly large circle of friends - one of which I am all the more grateful for, as it can sometimes be uncommon to retain your BFFs as you get older. Between the hectic schedules that life, work, and families bring forth, it can definitely become a challenge to find time to spend together - especially quality time. In my circle, I have friends that range from Lilian - my best friend since 8th grade, who has literally witnessed me grow up (My So Called Life obsession and all), to friends like Lauren, whom I have only recently become close to within the past few years. I believe each of us recognizes that our friendship makes us a better, happier person both individually and as a collective whole, and we work hard to nurture our relationship, just like we would any other. My heart literally swells when I think about these wonderful women I am lucky to call my friends.

One day via our often crazed, rapid fire group text (once you're in, there's no way out!) we started discussing my recent article on homelessness, and I explained what my hopes were for the upcoming year, and overall as I move forward with trying to make a difference and volunteering. Amidst the discussion, a thought was thrown out, that has since caught fire... and much momentum. What if we shared our thoughts and ideas about the things that matter most to us (and hopefully with the added element of humor that we so often get to enjoy privately)?

Each of my friends brings knowledge, love, & passion for different interests and causes into our big, loving circle. Also, some of us have such different backgrounds that only add to our perspective and interests. What if talking about the things we are passionate about helps to call attention to those very issues? Little steps (& big voices) help to change the world and the views that hold us back.

They say it's the crazy ones that believe they can change the world...and so our group project, "In The Midst Of Progression" was born.

We plan to contribute to this forum on at least a weekly basis, just sharing ideas, topics of interest, and our hopes with you - and some fun, as well. Please check us out as we document our journey and our friendship... you never know what we could do.

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