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au revoir, Blogger.

I started this blog coming up on two years this November. I have grown here as a person, as a woman, as a writer. I have learned that being vulnerable is a strength, and every failure is but a badge of honor. I won't ever give up. Ever.

When I wrote my very first post back in November 2015, never did I imagine it would create the ripple effect it has in my life, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Since that time, my writing has taken off, and I've been published in outlets and publications I never dreamed to have bylines in. But, I'm not finished.

Goals have been met, and dreams have gotten bigger. And so, while this blog will always live on, it is time for me to move to another space. I officially registered my domain today, and hope you will join me there to continue on with my rambling stories. Here is the very first post on 30, Thirsty, & Trying:

Thank you for reading, and for your love.


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