Hey, June.

Wow - it's summer (basically). Time frickin' flies.

I have been meaning to pen an actual blog post for oh, I don't know - 3 weeks? I wanted to stick to a goal of 1-2 posts per week, whether it was to share an article I had just had published, or just babble incoherently as I oft love to do. Alas, my efforts were for naught, because life {as usual} is busy, and crazy, and crazy busy.

So here we are, and it's June 12th. I suppose a gold star is deserved, as technically half the month didn't slip by. So, in order to calm my A.D.D. and spit this post out in a timely manner, here's the general rundown of what I wanted to share.

Goals / resolution check in.

I recently reviewed the resolutions I had penned at the beginning of this year (totally did this at a moment where I was feeling majorly blah, btw) and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was accomplishing a lot more than I thought. I should first state as a disclaimer that included on this list was to watch and be totally up-to-date on This Is Us and Gilmore Girls (I never watched this when it originally aired, and my curiosity was piqued with the Netflix special. I binge-watched the shit out of it and I don't regret even a minute. Also plan to cleverly name my next pet after a musician I admire - Jim Morrison, I know you're waiting for your forever home). 

Anywho, neither here nor there...

I seriously am doing SO much better than I thought. Here I felt like a slacker, and it just goes to show that sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves. 

Way harsh, Tai. 

Speaking of goals... it was a big literary-type week. 

So, I have a list of publications on my bucket/wish list that I included in my goals for this year. The list is fairly extensive, but there are a few select outlets that would provide that release of oxytocin at the news I'd been published. I had it happen twice this week - so I think I'm still high, tbh.

First, Fast Companyhttps://www.fastcompany.com/40426303/you-can-still-be-a-great-boss-when-youre-younger-than-most-of-your-team 

and then a few days later -


Both of these pieces were previously published on Fairygodboss and The Muse, respectively, so they were chosen by each publication's editorial team for syndication. I also experienced this with my first article on The Muse, which was picked up by Business Insider. It feels pretty great to know of the two articles I've published with The Muse, both were chosen for syndication by reputable outlets.

To boot, the nonprofit I work with had their launch party today for the Platform Review, ARTS By The People's first printed literary journal. Over the past few months, I and a few others met to weed through the submissions (of which there were so many, and so many talented artists and writers!). After a few intense editing sessions, the pieces were handed to me to put together - not only through additional edits but the actual format and formatting of the book itself. I published it as the acting Managing Editor and am extremely proud of the final product. I can't get over how cool it was to be a part of the entire process, and feel such satisfaction.

Here's to a week of wins!

And then it ended with "I Do."

Wedding fun! Not me, silly rabbit, Trix are for kids - but yes to happy, wonderful, meant-to-be kids.

One of my dearest friends got married, and I truly felt lucky to witness the love and happiness all around. Not everyone has 'it', and it's really special to see. Ever the more grateful, as always, for my quite extensive circle of friends that are basically family.

Oh, also - my hair was off the chain. I know they don't say that anymore, so there's a #throwback for you.

Happy Sunday, lovelies! Time for Monday to jolt us all back to reality.


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