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If you want to be a writer, and I mean a really GOOD writer, you must write a minimum of 500 words every day. Set your alarm, rise early (like 5 a.m. - that's what all really successful writers - and people - do), and just write. Let the words and the emotions and the pain and the joy just bleed into it all. If it's crap, then it's crap. Don't worry - eventually, you'll notice the words just flow from your fingertips to the keyboard, almost effortlessly.

And so, that's the beauty of the creative process.

VoilĂ .

My fellow writers, have you read that advice (however it has been regurgitated from site to site, to article to post)? Suddenly I felt like I was a bad person, making excuses if I couldn't find the time to do so (kind of like the gym membership I somehow keep forgetting to use).

And, I can't do it. Not every day.

I have a number of personal and professional goals I am working on, and writing is only one of them. So, excuse or not, it will not happen every day.

Writing is not copying a recipe from a cookbook. It's going to come out different every time, and it's a personal experience. I get that repetition can only improve you in a sense - practice makes perfect. But does that mean if I don't follow the 'recipe,' I'm doomed?

I'm not a great writer - I don't even know if I am a good writer. I like to tell stories and sometimes I even think I do it kind of well.

Do I want to improve? Of course.

I guess I take issue with the suggested formula for success to do so. And while we're at it, can we talk about success and personal branding?

I think about personal branding so much lately, as I position myself and have begun freelancing both in content marketing and as a writer. I totally get the idea and the need, and it all makes total sense.


What if I am a lot of things and want to be known for ALL of it?

Perfect example is the following 3 articles I just had published within the last few weeks.

My Life Fell Into Place After I Quit My Job With No Backup Plan

I'll Never Forgive Myself For Losing You

10 Tips From a Hot Chick On How To Get Laid This Friday Night

One is career-related with a serious tone, the second is an angst-filled story about love (so easy to write those), and the third was one that I had fun writing, tongue-in-cheek, but I honestly didn't know if I should really promote it. Doesn't exactly fit with the professional image I am putting forth...oh, and I didn't label myself a hot chick, but thanks, Citygasm.

I currently contribute to a few different sites, and whereas I started out writing light filler, I am not necessarily trying to just do that. I can, sure. But I want to be the girl that writes for everything from Elite Daily and Cosmo to Huffington Post to INC and Forbes. I just became a contributor for Career Contessa, and I'm hoping to follow it with many more.

Unless you're a piece of cardboard, you're multi-dimensional, and so am I. I want to talk about sex and love, and be silly sometimes, but then give you advice on how to attack that sitch at work, or deal with an unexpected curveball life threw your way.

I also dabble in creative writing and poetry, and hey. Maybe I want to explore that more - I don't know. But, I want the option.

I have a lot of interests, experiences, and opinions. I personally think it translates.

So, can I actually do that without being famous? You know, like how JLaw is a killer actress but then adorably trips over things like a REAL PERSON would. But then she is smart, too, OMG! People eat it up. "So funny and relatable, what a triple threat she is."

Why are there so many square boxes in how to do things, and why are we expected to fit into them? I ask myself that a lot, because I don't think I will ever fit into that mold...

Is that 500 words?


  1. Ooh, a pseudonym. I love it. The boxes are there to make sure that anyone not born into success never feels like they deserve whatever victories they achieve. But don't get it twisted, JLaw is not a killer actress.

  2. You hit it right on the head! Enter Impostor Syndrome... and yeah, she's prob more likable for her personality :)


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