obligatory update

I have been writing much less frequently than I had hoped in the past few months, but I am still writing and jotting down ideas as they come to me. I have upwards of 40 drafts pending on different topics I'd like to cover, and I just pick it up whenever I have some free time. Writer's block is not my current nemesis, however, lack of time is. Nonetheless, I wanted to give a sort of guideline in reading my writing and understanding it, because after some consideration, I realized some may take it for more - or less. With that being said, there are some fundamental truths about me that funnel into all of what you read here...

- I will always be honest and true to myself, and feel my writing is an outlet for expression, so expect that authenticity when you read my posts. This likely permeates into my writing even more so than in person, because I refuse to be afraid to share the thoughts - the truths - that people are sometimes afraid to say face-to-face. Some see being open and sharing as a weakness, but I see it the other way, and wonder why so many are afraid of honesty and vulnerability. That is how you truly connect with others.

- The topics and ideas I discuss come from a variety of places, including assigned topics from the outlets I write for (i.e. Elite Daily). You might be surprised to learn that certain topics were assigned; I wrote about them because it was more likely to get published based on the hot topics they sent out, and it's a great thing that my article was chosen over others. Likewise, sometimes I write a piece, and it doesn't get published until months later. Oh, and some of the things I reference are just pieced together from different experiences, or - gasp - my interpretation of something.

- I write about my experiences, and intend to write about many more (just haven't gotten there yet). A frequent topic I like to explore, for one, is my ex-husband. When I started this blog and wrote some of the articles, I initially worried about how it would come across (and many others since then). The thing is, I am only writing about it because it's a point of reference, an experience that taught me something, and especially something I have a lot to say about - there is no way I am not going to channel the emotions and use that. My ex-husband is probably a great example to use, because anyone that knows me knows I'm not a fan, and definitely not caught up on him - but, he taught me a lot (in his own special way, ha).

- To add to the point above, I will never apologize for the experiences I have gone through (or my perspective of same), or how deeply I care(d) about the people that I allow(ed) into my life. It's where my authenticity lies; not to channel Taylor Swift or anything, but I'm definitely going to talk about it :) Going back to the point on authenticity, it's important to note that I have never cared what others think of me - you can take me or leave me, and my life will go on. If my posts make you uncomfortable, you probably shouldn't be reading them.

So with that being said, thanks for reading so far, and keep on checking back - there are tons of great things happening, and I'm hoping to share very soon!


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