11 Signs You're Just Not Ready to Be In a Relationship


It's officially cuffing season, and all the single ladies are looking for the next guy to pose with in swoon-worthy Instagram pics of apple picking, hayrides, and cuddles in the colorful autumn leaves. Indeed, as the weather gets chillier, it feels like finding a man who is not only eye-candy but boyfriend material is a must.

So, what's a girl to do? Hook up with a hottie to Netflix and chill, of course. You need someone to pass the cold, winter months with. You think you're falling in love...

Then, Mr. Perfect turns into Mr. Perfectly Annoying... what's with him fighting with you about talking to the new guy at your job? I mean, yeah, so the guy is hot. And he keeps asking you out. So? It's not like you flirt back...much.

Suddenly, your man claims that you're the worst girlfriend ever - the only thing chillier than the weather is your ice cold heart.

What many ladies forget to realize is how different a relationship is from being single, and what work it really takes to be successful. Even couples that are deeply in love have to work at it constantly (let Allie & Noah be your reminder).

Commitment is hard. Sometimes we just aren't ready to be in a relationship. Being someone's girlfriend is a full-time job, one you suddenly feel very unprepared for.

Here are signs that you're not ready to settle down:

You constantly make plans, then cancel at the last minute.
"Look, life is busy," you say. You have a career, a busy social life, and you're even trying to start a side hustle. Bae should understand - and respect - your drive. This is all true, but if he is always falling to the bottom of your priority list, it's safe to say you might not need to worry about fitting him into your schedule soon enough.

You'd rather hang with the girls than him.
If Sex and the City taught you anything, it's that girlfriends are your soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with.

You don't really like his friends.
You don't understand them - either they are losers or bad influences. You don't even feel like putting in the effort to get to know them better.

You don't support his career.
Whether you're generally just not supportive of his dreams and ambition, or if you make him feel like his job isn't enough, you aren't there for him like you should be.

Speaking of friends, you have an issue with his female friends... every single one.
Guys and girls can't just be friends, can they? You feel threatened by his best friend Kaitlin (who has a best friend that's a girl (that doesn't lead to more)?), and generally by any female that seeks his friendship, because you believe there has to be more under the surface. Ironically enough, you cannot stand when he says the same to you about your friend Ryan. It's obviously so different. Honey, you're just insecure.

You get jealous easily and pick fights with him, sometimes embarrassing him in public.
Obviously, if he really loved you, you wouldn't have to ask that all of his attention be on you, and yes, sometimes you have fought with him in public. He should have been more considerate of your feelings.

You don't have any common interests, and never want to do what he does for fun.
They say opposites attract, but you really should have some shared interests and activities that you enjoy doing together as a couple.

You check out other guys in front of him.
If you're happy with your man, your eyes shouldn't be roaming - especially in his presence. If you want his consideration, you have to give him the same regard.

You flirt with his best friend. Admittedly, you kind of think he's hot.
The best friend is always off limits. Not only can you break up your relationship, but you can place doubt in - or break up - a really great friendship. Who wants that kind of guilt on their shoulders?

You almost never want to have sex, and get annoyed if he tries.
Your man just always tries at the wrong times. Sometimes you have a headache, sometimes you just want to watch Scandal... but it gets old after awhile. If you don't want to jump his bones, why even bother?

You've cheated on him... and he doesn't know.
Any relationship without trust isn't a relationship at all. If you've cheated on your man (whether it was once or repeatedly), then you need to reassess why you're in a relationship at all.

If any of the above sound familiar (and especially more than less apply), you're probably not cut out to be someone's girlfriend - yet. Give it some time, and just do you, babe. After all, being single is not so bad, and summer is not that far away.


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